Pleasant View Cemetery
Clackamas County, Oregon
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Updates to the Website

      I have just finished updating information sent in the last year plus info I have gleaned from that helps determine how individuals are related to one another.  Altogether it includes too many individuals to list, but some of the surnames that have updated information include:  Allison, Baker, Baxter, Calkins, Cereghino, Comstock, Crocker, Gregg, Hacker, Iler, Kelly, Korb, McConnell, Murdock, Graham, Crist, Sears, Taylor, Tooze, Tuckness, Wilson, Reissner, and others. ( 14 Nov 2011)

      If you have information to add about individuals, I am especially interested in a brief bio such as might be in an obituary, or the obituary itself; their relationship to other individuals in the cemetery (if they have lots of relatives here, just their ancestors or descendants should suffice); a photo, or any other historical info that you think people researching your family line might be interested in.  Send any of the above to Charlotte Lehan.

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